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New Clothing - Astral Traveler: the Perfect Clothing for Your Midsummer Night

15:58 May 23,2018

The hottest summer is coming, time for new looks! League of Angels II has prepared a brand new clothing called Astral Traveler for the special YOU! Both the male and female’s suits are in purple and blue - the colours of dignity, grace and mystery - and decorated with sparking stars. Are you seeking for a perfect clothing for your dream date in the “Midsummer Night”? This new shiny clothing - Astral Traveler with its ingenious designs and a romantic touch would be a great choice!
Astral Traveler is an Artifact suit that includes two parts - Outfit and Wings, collect 1 part to activate 1 skill and 2 to activate both skills:
Star Breaker 
Deal (307%+11440) DMG to the 3 enemies with the lowest HP, reduce the DEF of the 2 enemies with the lowest HP by 15%, and reduce the ATK of the enemy with the lowest HP by 15% (DEF and ATK debuffs last for 1 turn and ignore immunities); this skill replaces the basic attack. 
Shooting Star 

Deal (270%+90) DMG to the 3 enemies with the lowest HP, stun the 2 enemies with the lowest HP, and deal an additional 30% DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP.

Keen to this new shiny suit? Play League of Angels II from May 25th to May 29th, join the Carnival and claim it! More wonderful events will be awaiting you in the game this summer! Stay tuned and have a good time in LOA II!

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