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Eroding Moon - Durona Debuts in Resource Tycoon

14:03 Jun 01,2018

Durona belongs to the royal family of Black Dragon. Being tired of the power struggle, Durona left his family, and started circumnavigating the world as soon as he reached adulthood. However, Durona came across the fragment of Justice Wheel, the dark energy inside in which is too strong that Durona was eroded and died. Nevertheless, the Hades took away Durona’s body for the reason that the body of a Black Dragon hold great power, he manipulated Durona into an undead dragon with devastating power. 
After years of being a servant of the Hades, one day when Durona was under the commanded to find the rest fragments of Justice Wheel, he met the angel Joanna who defeated him, helped him in restoring sanity and escaping from the Hades. So now, Durona is ready to fight for his own glory on Sapphire! 
Dragon Art: Thunderbreak

Deal (288%+10720) DMG to all enemies and increase ATK, Hit, and Crit of entire squad by 10% for 2 turns (this effect can stack 2 times and cannot be dispelled).

Dragon Art: Impale

Deal (368%+13720) DMG to the main target with a 60% chance to kill instantly if target's HP is below 35%; Deal 80% of skill's damage to enemy behind the main target and stun them for 1 turn (this effect ignores immunities); this skill replaces hero's basic attack.

Dragon Art: Lineage

While in battle, Durona's max HP and DEF is increased by 15%; at the start of each turn, Durona loses 5% of her max HP and gains 100 additional Rage.

Eroding Moon (Prototype)
Unique Effect "Onslaught": Increase ATK of entire squad by 30% of Durona's ATK;
Durona is immune to Rage stealing and Rage reduction effects;
When using Durona's Ultimate skill, there is a 50% chance to gain 500 Rage (this effect can only trigger once per turn and the Rage gained is not affected by any other effects);

Durona reduces all Rage gain of all enemies by 40% for 5 turns (this skill does not stack with Dora's skill).

Join the Resource Tycoon from June 4th to June 9th to claim Durona if you want to increase your combat power! Stay tuned for more new features and events in LOA II!

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