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Compete For New Artifact Hero Queen Lionheart and Clothing Scared Flame

14:32 Aug 14,2018

New Artifact Hero Queen Lionheart and Clothing Scared Flame have come to Sapphire! With the arrival of Queen Lionheart, new battles will begin and new storylines will be uncovered. Scared Flame Suit is elaborately designed for warriors to conquer upcoming challenges. Queen Lionheart will be available in X-server Resource Tycoon Aug. 15th to 20th and Clothing Scared Flame in Beach Party Aug. 17th to 21st

Artifact Hero Queen Lionheart

Queen Lionheart is Freeman leader's eldest daughter. Before she could become the High Priestess as planned, she was gravely wounded in battle and later disappeared as a consequence. Fortunately, she has now made her return and comes back to protect the Freeman Kingdom. Her kit includes a mixture of defensive and supporting abilities to make sure her squad can take on any challenge.


Awful queen:V (Max Level)

Deal (288%+10720) DMG to all enemies and inflicts a "Taunted" effect, reducing their damage to any target other than Queen Lionheart by 25% for 2 turns (this effect ignores immunities and cannot be dispelled; this effect cannot stack).

Vigor queen:P (Max Level)

Deal (414%+15440) DMG to the enemy with the highest ATK and Stun them for 1 turn; also reduces the target's ATK by 10% for 1 turn (this effect ignores immunities and cannot be dispelled); this skill replaces the hero's basic attack.

Pride queen:A (Max Level)

①. At the start of battle, grant the entire squad a shield equal to 20% of Queen Lionheart's max HP for 2 turns; ②. At the start of each turn, gain a shield equal to 20% of own max HP until the end of battle (this effect cannot stack with ①); ③. Queen Lionheart's ATK is reduced by 5% while in battle.


Wings of the Past (Prototype) (Max Level)

①. Unique Effect "Barricade": Increase DEF of the entire squad by 30% of Queen Lionheart's DEF (P.DEF and M.DEF calculated separately); ②. Queen Lionheart is immune to Rage stealing and reducing effects; ③. Increase END of the entire squad by 10% in battle; ④. Increase Life Steal by 10% in battle.


New Clothing Scared Flame

The new clothing set, Scared Flame, is designed for characters to show their piety and worship to fire itself. It can help warriors convert dangerous flames into great power.  Scared Flame is an Artifact suit that includes two parts - Outfit and Wings. Collect 1 part to activate 1 skill and 2 to activate both skills:


Sacred Fire (Max Level)

Summon 6 flames to strike enemies at random, each flame dealing (332%+12390) DMG to their target; enemies hit by 2 or more flames are stunned for 1 turn.


Devouring Flame (Max Level)

Deal (376%+14010) DMG to the enemy with the highest ATK and steal 15% of their ATK (this amount cannot exceed 20% of your ATK).

Can't wait to get your own Queen Lionheart and Sacred Flame? Play League of Angels II from Aug. 15th to Aug. 21st and join the X-server Resource Tycoon and Beach Party to compete for the powerful hero and clothing! More great contents will be coming soon. Stay tuned and have a great time playing LOA II!

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