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New Hero Grand Cleric Fights with You!

11:44 Dec 14,2018

A powerful new hero of Midas Kingdom makes his debut now! Grand Cleric, Circlet of the Present, is the fourth Artifact hero in Midas Kingdom. Grand Cleric will be available in X-server Resource Tycoon from Dec. 17th to Dec. 22th. Let this new hero fight with you!



Cleric is the descendant of the dragon race, but his parents was killed by his kin. This strong-willed hero has suffered a lot of pains and sorrows, and finnally lives through that and becomes a powerful Artifact hero. Let's take a look at her abilities.

Wrath: Smite

Deal (288%+10720) DMG to all enemies and heal the entire squad for 50% of the damage dealt (split evenly among allies); also increases DEF of healed allies by 20% for 2 rounds.


Holy: Redemption

Restore (152%+5670) HP to the entire squad and deal 30% of the healed amount to the enemy with the highest ATK; also reduces ATK of the target by 10% for 1 round; this skill replaces the hero's basic attack.


Holy: Devotion

. If the total damage that Grand Cleric takes in a single round exceeds 90% of his max HP, he becomes immune to all damage and HP loss effects until the end of that round; . Increase healing effects by 5% of own max HP; . Healing effects on self is reduced by 30%.


Circlet of the Present (Prototype)

. Unique Effect "Vitality": Increase max HP of entire squad by 30% of Grand Cleric's max HP; . Grand Cleric is immune to Rage stealing and reducing effects; . Increase Grand Cleric's healing effects by 25%; . At the start of each round, Grand Cleric gains recovers 100 Rage.


Hurry up to invite Grand Cleric into your squad. Play League of Angels II from Dec. 17th to Dec. 22th and join the X-server Resource Tycoon to compete for the powerful hero! Stay tuned for more contents and have a great time playing LOA II!

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