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League of Angels II: Grand Christmas Party is on!

16:09 Dec 17,2018

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way! Christmas atmosphere has spread in the air. The Christmas Celebration of League of Angels II will be held from Dec. 19th to Dec. 31st. New Christmas Clothing Holiday Marvel, New Mount Santa's Sleigh, New Pet Frosto will be available in different Christmas-themed events. Let's take a look at the Christmas events and new stuff.


New Clothing Holiday Marvel in Christmas Party


New Christmas Clothing, Holiday Marvel, looks cheerful, warm and fuzzy. It is really nice to wear a new suit to welcome the Christmas Holiday and the New Year. Holiday Marvel is an Artifact suit that includes two parts - Outfit and Wings, collect 1 part to activate 1 skill and 2 to activate both skills:

Holiday Fireworks (Max. Level)

Deal (441%+16440) DMG to enemies in the same horizontal row; if this skill hits 2 targets, stun the target in the front row for 1 round; if this skill hits only 1 target, increase this skill's damage by 50%.


Merry Combo (Max. Level)

Deal (368%+13720) total DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP percentage and reduce their DEF by 20% for 1 round (this effect ignores immunities).


Clothing Holiday Marvel will shows up during Christmas Party from Dec. 19th to Dec. 23rd. Many other clothing will also be available then. Small Bell and Vibrant Bell are special tokens for Christmas. Don't forget to collect as many tokens as you can to exchange for your favorite clothing. 


Santa's Sleigh in Angels Fortune

Have you ever dreamed of sitting in a sleigh pulled by Chritmas reindeer? League of Angels II's new mount Santa's Sleigh can help make your dream come true! It is definitely the coolest mount for Christmas that you won't miss out. 


Chritmas Gift (Max. Level)

Increase the ATK, AGI, and Dodge of the entire squad by 19% and restore 9.2% HP to all allies each round for 5 rounds.


Holiday Joy (Max. Level)

Increase own Crit and Crit DMG by 16.7%, and ATK by 21.5% until the end of the battle.


Santa's Sleigh will be available in Angel's Fortune from Dec. 23rd to Dec. 25th. Many other resources and items will also be available then. Enjoy the event and take the Sleigh mount home! 


New Pet Frosto in Single-Server Resource Tycoon


Frosto is a cheerful snowman that brings happiness and joy to others. It is an Artifact grade battle pet. Let's see how helpful it is in battle.  


Chritmas Blessings (Max. Level)

Restore (273%+10200) HP to the ally with the lowest HP, and give them a (67.8%+2529) shield and increase their ATK by 30% for 2 rounds.


Holiday Joy (Max. Level)

Restore (137%+5100) HP to the entire squad and increase DEF and END by 20% for 1 round.


If you like this cute and cheerful pet, then don't miss the Single Server Resource Tycoon from Dec. 28th to Dec. 31st. Top 3 players in the Tycoon rankings in each server will get this mount and many other resources. 


Christmas Party is on! Come and join us in the grand Christmas Celebrations! Stay tuned for more wonderful Christmas events and hope you enjoy a joyful Christmas holiday!


Christmas Gift Packs in GTarcade Desktop

At Christmas time, GTarcade Desktop also brings some gift packs with low price including Desktop Christmas Packs and Year-End Bonus in the Points Store to celebrate Christmas and reward players. Players can exchange for the gift packs with a favorable price from 21st December to 31st December 2018.


GTarcade Desktop is the official client of League of Angels II. It’s specially designed to provide players with a smooth gaming experience and extra benefits. The client currently supports a total of 14 languages in over 230 different countries and regions.

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