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Be the Tycoon and Compete for Mythic Angel Malefia!

08:00 Feb 23,2019

Sitting on the throne, she was poised, self-assured and determined like never before. After fighting bloody battles against all hositle intruders, angel Malefia has emerged only more determined. Malefia will be available in Single server Resource Tycoon event from Feb. 25th to Feb. 28th. Unlock this new angel and let her fight with you!



Malefia is a mythic grade angle, and her unique skill "Supreme Throne" can increase DEF of the entire squad by 20% and reduce the ATK of all enemies by 20% for 1 turn. 


From Feb. 25th to Feb. 28th, Angel Malefia will be available in Single-Server Resource Tycoon. Collect various resources and rank higher in the tycoon rankings, you'll have the chance to get Angel Malefia and many other resources. Hurry up to compete for the new angel and let her fight with you!

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