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New Mount Ancient Tyrant Available in Angel's Fortune

16:46 Feb 18,2019

Ancient Tyrant, a powerful dinosaur, comes to afar to join in warriors on Sapphire to fight against evils. It looks fierce and irritable, but it has a great sense of justice and fears no evils. It will show up in upcoming Angel's Fortune from Feb.  20th to Feb. 22nd. Let's take a closer look at this mount.



Ancient Tyrant is an Artifact Grade mount. His Grace skill Terrorizing Roar can reduce the DEF of all enemies which will help you greatly in battle. 


Tyrant’s Might (Max Level)

Increase the ATK, Crit, and Crit DMG of the entire squad by 19.5%, and restore 9.75% HP to each ally at the end of each round for 5 rounds.

Terrorizing Roar (Max Level)

Reduce the DEF of all enemies by 18.75% for 2 round; at the start of battle, reduce the ATK of the enemy with the highest ATK by 22.5% for 1 round; both effects ignore immunities and cannot be dispelled.


Participate in the upcoming Angel's Fortune event from Feb. 20th to Feb. 22nd and you'll get the chance to ride powerful new mount Ancient Tyrant! Stay tuned for more great content coming to League of Angels II.

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