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New Clothing Velvet Duet: Vanquish Enemies with Soul Melody!

08:00 May 04,2019

League of Angels II's magical suit Velvet Duet shows the great power of music. Warriors whoever wear this suit will turn into a great musician and gain the ability of controlling other's mind by performing soul-stirring music. New suit Velvet Duet will show up in Single-Server Resource Tycoon and Angel's Carnival event from May. 6th to May. 12th. Cure fallen souls and vanquish enemies with your soul melody!



Velvet Duet is an Artifact suit that includes two parts - Outfit and Wings, collect 1 part to activate 1 skill and 2 to activate both skills. Please note that the Outfit will be available in Angel's Carnival event and the Wings will be available in Single-Server Resource Tycoon event.

Velvet Duet can deal great damage to its enemies and its skill Soul Melody can Charm the target and make the enemy attack his or her own squad!



EncoreMax Level

Deal ATK*(273%+10200) DMG to all enemies and reduce their Rage by 200.


Soul MelodyMax Level

Deal ATK*(351%+13100) DMG to a random enemy with a 50% chance to Charm the target for 1 turn.


Hurry up to join in game events, and get this fantasy new suit. From May. 6th to May. 12th, join the Single Server Resource Tycoon and Angel's Carnival, and you'll have chance to gain a whole set of Velvet Duet! More wonderful events will be awaiting you in the game! Stay tuned and have a great time in LOA II!

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