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New Mount Darklight Snail Shows Up in Angel's Fortune

15:55 May 20,2019

Have you ever seen such a Snail before? League of Angels II introduces a special mount for May which is called Darklight Snail. The mount contains sea creatures’ feature. Ride on it to start a unique sea world journey! Darklight Snail will show up in upcoming Angels Fortune from May. 23nd to May. 25th. Let's know more about the new mount.


Darklight Snail is our first Valorium Grade mount. From the hot debut Darklight Snail, all Valorium mounts will gain more power when their skills upgrade to Max levels, which will help you greatly in battle.


Mount Skill: Preservation (Max Level)

Increase the HP and DEF of the entire squad by 32.20% and reduce the Agility of all enemies by 32.20% for 5 turns. Also restores 13.2% HP to the entire squad at the start of each turn (this effect cannot be dispelled).

Grace Skill: Soul Shell (Max Level)

. When taking damage, gain 75 Rage.

②. When HP is below 50%, damage taken is reduced by 24%.

③. After death, reduce the ATK and DEF of all enemies by 20% for 3 turns.



Participate in the upcoming Angel's Fortune event from May. 23nd to May. 25th and you'll get the chance to ride powerful new mount Darklight Snail! Stay tuned for more great content coming to League of Angels II.



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