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New Mount Majestic Llama Shows Up in Angel's Fortune

08:00 Jun 20,2019

Have you ever seen such a Llama before? League of Angels II introduces a special mount for June which is called Majestic Llama. This mount is a crazy but handsome llama. Ride on it to start your fantastic journey! Majestic Llama will show up in upcoming Angels Fortune from June. 22nd to June. 24th. Let's learn more about what this llama can do.

Did you great heroes get our first artifact mount Darklight Snail? How’s it? Majestic Llama is our second Valorium mount. Same as Darklight Snail, Majestic Llama will show much more strengthen when his skills upgrade to the Max levels, which will help you greatly in battles.

Mount Skill: Majestic Grace (Max Level)

Increase the Hit, HP, and ATK of the entire squad by 32.20% and healing received by 20% for 5 rounds.

Grace Skill: Adorkable Power (Max Level)

①. Restore 140 Rage when performing an action each round. 
②. At the start of each round, increase the DR of the ally with the lowest HP by 35% for 2 rounds. 
③. When you die, restore 35% HP and 300 Rage of your own to the entire squad.

Participate in the upcoming Angel's Fortune event from June. 22nd to June. 24th and you'll get the chance to ride powerful new mount Majestic Llama! Stay tuned for more great content coming to League of Angels II. 

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