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Wear the New Clothing Grand Blue and Enjoy the Hot Hot Summer!

08:00 Aug 04,2019

August is the hottest month in summer. Therefore, League of Angels II brings an excellent outfit for you to enjoy the vacation with your wonderful heroes. Grand Blue, that’s it, the coolest set ever. Go with your friends, go surfing with them, enjoy the grand ocean. Wearing this special outfit, take down the enemies whoever come close to you. The new Grand Blue suit will show up in Single-Server Resource Tycoon and Angel's Carnival event from Aug. 6th to Aug. 12th. Seize this incredible opportunity and become the hottest boy/girl in this summer! In order to have fun with the beautiful clothing, let’s check what Grand Blue can do now:

Grand Blue is an Artifact suit that includes two parts - Outfit and Wings, collect 1 part to activate 1 skill and 2 to activate both skills. Please note that the Wings will be available in Single-Server Resource Tycoon event (starts on Aug. 6th) and its Outfit will be available in Angel's Carnival event (starts on Aug. 8th).

One of Ocean's Royalty skills, Water Vortex, can deal great damage to all enemies he faced; and the other skill Roaring Waves will give tons of DMG to his vertical column of enemies!

Water VortexMax Level

Deal ATK*(288%+10720) DMG to all enemies and increase the entire squad's ATK by 10% and DEF by 15% for 2 rounds.

Roaring WavesMax Level

Deal ATK*(368%+13720) DMG to a vertical column of enemies and reduce their ATK by 10% for 1 round (this effect ignores immunities).

Hurry up to join in our game events, and get this fantastic new suit. From Aug. 6th to Aug. 12th, join the Single Server Resource Tycoon and Angel's Carnival, and you'll have chances to gain a full set of Grand Blue! More wonderful events will be awaiting you in the game! Stay tuned and have a great time in LOA II!

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