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Angel Erato The Angel Waiting for her True Love

13:47 Sep 18,2019

Wings as big as The Gods arms, beauty that can melt even a heart of stone, enchanted with all nature's magic and grace, voice that can reach the purest melody, she can fill the empty souls with happiness with just one touch. That is Erato, an angel of the most powerful force of the universe, who can take you into the depths of paradise without return to the shadows. This was all that has been known about Erato but there was much more that has been unknown to the historians and was never written. In order to welcome her to your home, let’s learn more about her abilities now.

Erato 's unique skill " Lightning " can increase the max HP and DEF of the entire squad by 30%, and also greatly increase the squad's DR for 3 rounds. As currently players can deploy five angels at most, this new artifact angel will greatly boost the squad strength! Please note that Angelic Scroll – the special scroll is required to unlock extra Angel slots.

From Sep. 14th to Sep. 19th, Angel Erato will be available in Cross-Server Resource Tycoon. Collect various resources and rank higher in the tycoon rankings, you'll have the chance to get this new Angel and many other resources. Hurry up to take Erato to your squad! Play League of Angels II now and enjoy the simple joy!

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