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New Mount Dreadfyre Shows Up in Angel's Fortune

02:57 Sep 20,2019

Have you ever seen a bone-dragon like this? League of Angels II introduces a special mount for September which is called Dreadfyre. This awesome dragon uses his own bone to fight the whole world! Dreadfyre will show up in upcoming Angels Fortune from Sep. 22nd to Sep. 24th. Let's learn more about what this handsome creature can do.


Dreadfyre won’t let you down neither from his firing appearance nor his power. He will show much more strengthen when his skills upgrade to the Max levels, which will help you greatly in battles.


Mount Skill: Throne of Fire (Max Level)

Increase ATK, DEF, DMG Bonus, and Hit of the entire squad by 32.2% for 5 rounds.


Grace Skill: Heart of Dread (Max Level)

. Gain 140 Rage each round.

②. Reduce the ATK and DEF of enemies by 15% for 6 rounds.

③. In each of the first 6 rounds of the battle, cast a shield on yourself equal to 15% of your max HP that lasts 1 round. If the shield is broken by damage, all enemies take damage equal to 30% of the total shield amount.


Participate in the upcoming Angel's Fortune event from Sep. 22nd to Sep. 24th and you'll get the chance to ride powerful new mount Dreadfyre! Stay tuned for more great content coming to League of Angels II.

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