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Wear the New Clothing Holiday Surprise Outfit and Enjoy the Resource Tycoon!

17:52 Dec 04,2019

League of Angels II is excited to introduce new outfit & wings: Holiday Surprise! What surprises will bring to League of Angels II? Read on to learn more!

Holiday Surprise is here to help people find the snow world, and his skills are Snowball Assault and Winter Guardian. this Outfit will use his skills to punish those who stand in the way of snow world.

Snowball AssaultMax Level

Deal ATK*345%+12870) DMG to 3 random enemies and reduce their ATK and DMG Bonus by 20% for 2 rounds.

Winter GuardianMax Level

Heal the entire squad for ATK*160%+5950) HP, and restore 200 Rage to the 2 allies with the lowest HP and reduce their damage taken by 20% for 1 round.

Hurry up to join in our game events, and get this fantastic new suit. From DEC. 6th-9th, join the Single Server Resource Tycoon and Carnival, and you'll have chances to gain a full set of Holiday Surprise outfit and wings! More wonderful events will be awaiting you in the game! Stay tuned and have a great time in LOA II!

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