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New Battle Pet Miss Matchmaker

16:41 Feb 24,2020

A totally new battle pet Miss Matchmaker comes to League of Angels II now. She is Matchmaking Bear's sister, pleased to meet you! May you all find your special someone! Miss Matchmaker will show up in upcoming Single Server Resource Tycoon event from Feb. 26th to Feb. 29th. Seize the chance to own him! Happy Valentine's Day, my friends!

Ultimate: Light of Love (Max Level)
Heal the entire squad for ATK*{236%+8810) HP and restore 200 Rage. 

Normal Skill: True Love (Max Level)
Heal the 3 allies with the lowest HP for ATK*(303%+11290) HP and reduce their damage taken by 35% for 1 round.

Take Miss Matchmaker into your squad and it will show you how powerful it can be! Participate in the Single-Server Resource Tycoon from Feb. 26th to Feb. 29th. Accumulate specific Tycoon points and it will be yours! Stay tuned for more great news and events!

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