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Wear the New Valorium Clothing Spring Clovers Outfit and Enjoy the Resource Tycoon!

10:04 Mar 04,2020

League of Angels II is excited to introduce the new Valorium outfit & wings: Spring Clovers! What surprises will bring to League of Angels II? Read on to learn more!

Full Bloom(Max Level)
Heal the entire squad for ATK*(215%+8000), restore 300 Rage, and cleanse negative status effects.

Radiant Spring(Max Level)
Heal the 2 allies with the lowest HP for ATK*(230%+8580) HP plus 30% of their missing HP, and reduce damage received by 20% for 2 rounds.

Spring Clovers(Max Level)
①. You are immune to negative effects (Lv.1) and have a 50% chance to remove control effects (Lv.2) before performing an action each round;
②. At the start of battle, reduce the healing received of all enemies by 40% for 3 rounds (this effect ignores immunities).

Hurry up to join in our game events, and get this fantastic new suit. From Mar. 6th-9th, join the Single Server Resource Tycoon, and you'll have chances to gain a full set of Spring Clovers outfit and wings! More wonderful events will be awaiting you in the game! Stay tuned and have a great time in LOA II!

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