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Mighty Templar Joins the Crew

16:04 Aug 13,2020

League of Angel 2's Blue Planet welcomes Celestial Kingdom's new mighty hero, Jadiel the Templar. This mighty knight will be fresh blood for Celestial forces and all legendary heroes' squads.

Jadiel, after the tens of years battles on his world, they started to live in peace. But a knight never lives without a war. It's in his blood. So, he decided to leave his world to help other planets. Blue Planet Sapphire is his next stop to help people with his amazing skills. As the nature of knights, Jadiel follows the truths and be fair as always for all. He takes his power from his judgment and well-made armor.

Jadiel the Templar's skills:

This mighty knight Jadiel the Templar will be reachable with Cross-Server Tycoon event, on August 15-20th, 2020. If you're fan of Celestial kingdom and if you want to have an undefeatable squad in Sapphire, Jadiel must be in your squads. Do not miss this chance to have him! When you have Jadiel in your squad, please remember to share your squad screenshot with Jadiel, the Templar on your social media accounts with #leagueofangels2, and #loa2jadiel hashtags. We will share your dream squad on our social media pages.

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