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Limited Time Event [616 Celebration] Update Announcement

12:00 Jun 10,2024

Dear warriors,
The annual 616 Celebration Event is coming soon, with many activities waiting for you to participate and massive benefits waiting for you to receive!

Event Content

New System Preview "Reincarnation System"

1.The character uses Reincarnation Cultivation to increase the level of reincarnation;
2.When reincarnating to the corresponding reincarnation level requirement, you can wear the corresponding level of reincarnation equipment;
3.Reincarnating to a certain level allows you to kill the reincarnation boss of the same level;
4.The reincarnation boss can drop high-level reincarnation equipment and reincarnation cultivation pills.

Detailed introduction coming soon!

And, breaking news: The Character's Max Level  has been raised to 200!!

616 Weekly Quest

Warriors can gain generous rewards by completing quests.

616 Celebration

Warriors can approve check in to receive 616 Celebration Gold to redeem Special rewards.