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New System "Ascend" Update Announcement

12:00 Jun 20,2024

Dear Warriors,
The new system "Ascend" is about to be launched, enhance your BR by increasing the Ascend level!!

Entrance: Click the "Ascend" icon at the bottom of the game interface.
Open time:June 27, 2024

Requirement: Players Lv.≥ 100

System rule

1. Ascend level is currently divided into 5 Ascend levels, each of which is divided into 5 star levels.

2. Ascend starts from 0 to 0 stars, attributes are 0, and is upgraded to a higher level by spending Ascend Energy

3. Ascend Energy mainly obtained by completing daily quests.

4. If you increase your Ascend level, you can gain Ascend attributes.

5. The protagonist can wear the corresponding level of Ascend equipment if he reaches the corresponding level of Ascend;

Ascend equipment

System rule

1. After the protagonist turns on the Ascend, Warrior can wear multiple parts of the Ascend equipment;