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New Suit Eldorado| Leading the Popularity of Royal Style

17:39 Jun 25,2016

As new equipments and new heroes are being introducing to Sapphire continuously, a brand new suit, Eldorado, to enrich warriors’ clothes collection is about to show up this Sunday!



Eldorado, which combines gold and black perfectly, gives Angels a sense of Human nobility. The suit skills display with a special effect of a gold eagle, expressing the resolution to take down all devils in League of Angels Ⅱ!

Suit Skills:
1. Sun Ray: Deals (ATK×176%+60) damage to all enemies, decreases the effect of healing by 30%, lasts 2 turns. Enemies’ Rage generated from this skill is reduced by 50%.
2. Golden Flame: Deals (ATK×203%+70) damage to 2 random enemies, increases Main Character’s ATK by 20%, lasts 2 turns.

Login to the game this Sunday and spin the Wheel of Fortune to win this stunning suit!

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