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League of Angels II Celebrates Independence Day: Mid-summer Sale, New Skins, and More!

12:27 Jul 01,2016

Independence Day is coming up for all our friends in the U.S. and the Angel’s wish to bestow their sincerest blessings upon all players! League of Angels II has prepared special events for its players in celebration of Independence Day. From July 1st to July 4th, players can log in and enjoy a number of new content and earn great rewards. 

★ Mid-summer Sale: Never-Before-Seen Discounts 

As revealed on the LoA2 Facebook page, the Mid-summer Sale will take place from July 1st to July 3rd. Players can expect to see a ton of amazing deals during these 2 days. Mighty Warriors, be sure to take this opportunity to stock up and prepare for another month of fierce battles in Expedition! 

How to participate: During the 3-day event, open the Events interface to view items up for sale at huge discounts.

★ Independence Day Celebration and Liberty Item Packs

To celebrate Independence Day, players will be greated with a spectacular display of fireworks when they log into the game on July 4th. At the same time, new Liberty Item Packs of great value will be available for purchase on this day. These packs come in 3 types: Summon Tokens, Runes, and Equipment shards. Each type has different grades that will determine the amount and quality of items inside.

★ Dazzling New Skins Available!

During the last Group Deal event, we introduced new Hero skins to LoA2 and players absolutely loved them. For this Independence Day celebration, we are releasing 3 stunning Hero skins for Athena, Liz, and Kay! Marvel at Athena in all her golden glory, watch Liz transform into the Dark Envoy, and be enchanted by Kay’s new sleek black hair!
Collect 2 or more skins for additional stat bonuses!

★ The Land of the Angels Welcomes You All

With the recent addition of Spanish and Portuguese support, LoA2 is now available in 7 languages, including English, German, French, Chinese, and the aforementioned. In the spirit of Independence Day, LoA2 hopes to build a utopia for gamers all over the world. Come join us, no matter where you are in the world, and experience the next generation of browser MMORPGs.

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