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A Mystical Angel is Coming to League of Angels II

19:49 Nov 04,2016

The Grand Halloween Party just concluded, but something even more exciting is coming! Recently, the highly popular free to play MMORPG League of Angels II posted a character silhouette on its official Facebook fanpage with the message “She changed the history of Sapphire...”. The mysterious post drew the attention of many players’. The speculations ran wild, and some players thought this was a sign of a new Mythic Angel.


Based on her silhouette, this new Angel definitely seems different from other Angels. For starters, she has short hair, which made players wonder if her personality is as unique as her hairstyle. In her pose, she has one hand on her waist while the other is extended and casting magic of some sort, so players have also guessed that she will be a magic user.

Lots of comments guessed that this mysterious Angels will be a new Mythic Angel. Currently, there are 3 Mythic Heroes in game: Moira, Rei, and Pamela. All of them are DPS roles. Because Mythic Heroes come with more powerful skills and growth potential compared to Legendary Heroes, players became very interested in collecting Mythic Hero Shards. Will this new Angel be the first Mythic Support or Healer? The answer will be revealed soon!


“A massive update, and what we consider the very first Expansion for League of Angels II, is currently in development,” said a developer of the game, “The Angel we hinted at is actually a central figure of the Expansion.” It’s been 7 months since LoA2 was officially released and this first Expansion promises to wow players and deliver a brand new gaming experience. Try LoA2 now absolutely free and see what you’ve been missing!




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