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Game Interface

12: 20 Mar 17,2016

1. [Game Resources Display Panel]

    *VIP: show the current level of VIP. Click it to get in the interface of VIP privilege.

    *Diamonds: Mainly obtained by recharging. The major function is to buy properties, attempts, and so on in the game.

    *Gold: Mainly Obtained by systems like Main Story, Dungeon, Quest, and so on. The major function of Gold is to rank up and enhance equipment and Relic.

    *Stamina: Mainly obtained by buying with diamonds and ranking up. The major function of Stamina is for the consumption of Main Story Dungeon and Elite Dungeon.

2. [Events Panel]

    *Show daily events, game recharges, and settings: show/hide, mails, rankings, maps, etc.

3. [Gameplay Panel]

    *Guild players to various Dungeons.

4. [Game Systems Panel]

    *Show Game Systems: Mount, Equipment, Recycle, Quest, Squad, Heros, Relics, and Mall.

5. [Chat Panel]

    *Players can input words in this panel, and send them by tabbing the enter. This panel shows players chats.

6. [AFK Panel]

    *Show the current condition of Palace Dungeon, including rewards and bonus.

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