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Mount System

15: 55 Mar 15,2016

Mount System grants players luxurious mounts that greatly increase movement speed and other stats; Mounts can also learn powerful skills to battle alongside players.     

【Function Access】 Click “Mount” in the bottom right of the Main Panel to access.       
【Requirement】Players must activate Mount first to ride.        
·When all requirements are met, click activate to summon mount.
·Each mount have different skills and grants different stats.
·Once mount is activated, you gain skill and stats permanently, and can change at will. Changing mount will not change skill and stats.
·Change skills in Mount Panel to choose the additional stat you need.      
·To upgrade Mount Skill, players need Mastery Stone, 1 click rank up automatically consumes Mastery Stones to rank up.
·Upgrade Mount Skill increases squad's stat bonus. Every 9 level gained will increase 1 rank, rank up to increase Mount SKill and unlock Mount Talent.        

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