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Update V2.12.0 | Costume Codex!

16:19 Feb 15,2017

Version: V2.12.0

Update time: 2017/02/15 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)

                   2017/02/16 (All Other Servers)

New Features:

1. New Feature: Costume Codex. Collecting Costumes can now double the benefits they provide.

2. New Function: Group Chat. Create chat groups and invite your friends to chat together.



1. Game Scenery: Spring is almost here and the snow has melted.
2. World Boss: The World Boss event schedule is now more flexible. Player can choose to participate in World Boss from 12:45PM to 12:57PM or 9:00PM to 9:12PM.
3. X-server War: Players can now use Little Helper to participate in X-Server War without the first win requirement.
4. Armaments: Raised the highest Augment Level of Legendary and Mythic Armament from 10 to 12. 

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed a bug where evolved Alecta’s third skill only takes effect once per battle.
2. Resource War: Fixed a BR display bug.

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