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[Updates] Update V3.54.0 | New Hero - Nebula&New Outfit - Grand Blue&New Mount - Coral King 07.24

[Updates] Update V3.53.0 | Optimizations 07.24

[Updates] Update V3.52.0 | New Outfit - Ocean's Royalty&New Mount - Ocean Lord&New Pet - Navy Seal 06.20

[Updates] Update V3.51.0 | New Soul Avatar - Dragon Fang: Salvation&New Angel - Ostara 06.20

[Updates] Update V3.50.0 | New Outfit - Honey Bee&New Mount - Majestic Liama&New Hero - Alucard 05.23

[Updates] Update V3.49.0 | New Soul Avatar - Death's Dance: Oblivion 05.21

[Updates] Update V3.48.0 | New Outfit Velvet Duet & New Mount Darklight Snail 04.24

[Updates] Update V3.47.0 | New Angel Medea & 3rd Year Anniversary Tittle 04.10

[Updates] Update V3.46.0 | New Outfit Easter Bunny and Mount Festive Eggship 03.27

[Updates] Update V3.45.0 | New Skins of Valorian & Optimizations 03.11

[Updates] Update V3.44.0 | New Angel Deathwhisper & New Outfit Jade Blossom 02.27

[Updates] Update V3.43.0 | Optimizations on Homestead and Calendar 02.13

[Updates] Update V3.42.0 |New Hero Valorian and New Angel Malefia 01.29

[Updates] Update V3.41.0 |New Function Event Calendar and Mount Ancient Tyrant & Winged Chariot 01.14

[Updates] Update V3.40.0 |New Pet Lucky the Pig and Soul Avatar Nano Blade 01.03

[Updates] Update V3.39.0 |New Conquest and New Angel Nemesia 12.19

[Updates] Update V3.38.0 |New Angel Persephone and New Costume Holiday Marvel 12.05

[Updates] Update V3.37.0 | New Event Angel's Fortune and New Hero Grand Cleric 11.23

[Updates] Update V3.36.0 | New Soul Avatar Wings of Radiance 11.07

[Updates] Update V3.35.0 | New Angel Raven and New Mount Battle Hippo 10.23

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