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Update V2.18.0 | Vault Hunter Brings Great Treasures!

18:43 Mar 29,2017

Update Scope: All Servers 
Version: V2.18.0
Update time: 2017/03/29 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)

           2017/03/30 (All Other Servers)

What’s Special:
1. There will be a Special Event on April 1st. Don’t miss it!
2. X-Server Domination will be held from March 31st to April 4th. Let’s see who is the strongest!

New Features:
1. Multiplayer: Vault Hunter (Available for Lv.45 and above)
This mode is open daily from 6:00AM to 10:00PM. During this time, players can go Vault hunting, plunder other players during their hunts, and assist friends in hunts. 
2. X-server Friend: You can now add friends from other servers (Please note that some improvements needs to be made on X-server Friend, so this function will be issued in next week's update.)

1. Daily Quest and Weekly Quest: Dungeon Sweeper quests have been added!
2. Little Helper: Mount Codex and Costume Codex can be collected by little helper now!
3. Dungeon Sweeper: Gold Retrieval changed to 250k, Diamond Retrieval changed to 10.
4. X-Server War: Optimized X-server War matching. Say goodbye to the long queue times!
5. Eternal Shop: Evo Core for Character and DPS Legendary heroes can now be purchased.
6. Beauty Contest of Angels: Adjusted UI layout to make it more easy to understand.

Bug Fixes:

[Team Arena]
1. Fixed a bug with battle results display (when Easy-Battle is chosen).
2. Fixed a bug with attempts and score not refreshing in real-time unless players closed the panel (when Easy-Battle is chosen).
3. Fixed a bug where the pet icon was not displayed normally in Formation panel if the pet auto-selected by the system (player failed to select in time).
4. Fixed a bug that resulted in getting a different formation than what the player deployed in battle.
5. Fixed a bug that would display a random pet when the player has no pets (thus cannot select the pet).

6. Fixed a bug where only the first battle report could be viewed.

7. Fixed a bug with Golden Lion Grace.

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