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Update V2.22.0 | Mythic Hero Convert Available!

18:35 Apr 26,2017

Update Scope: All Servers 
Version: V2.22.0
Update time: 
2017/04/26 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)

2017/04/27 (All Other Servers)

New Features:
1. Relic Awaken: You can spend Relic Crystals to reset Relic Awakening.

2. Hero Convert: Mythic Heroes can now be converted.

1. Chat: You now have the option to turn on/off certain chat channels. (check setting icon in chat panel)
2. A mail will be sent out when event items are removed.

3. Added Equipment Awaken attributes to comparison screen (stat source panel).

4. Dungeon Sweeper: When challenging a dungeon, a player can team up with others who haven't unlocked the difficulty. But each team member's rewards are based on the highest stage they cleared.

Bug Fixes:
1. Team Arena: Fixed a bug where team information became abnormal after several battles when easy-battle is selected. 
2. Fixed a issue where the description of Mount Rebirth and Armament Rebirth were switched.
3. Equipment Awaken: Fixed a bug where Endurance Aura gave buff to enemies. 

4. Fixed a bug where Rei’s Heaven’s Wheel and Martial Fury skills became weaker after evolving.

5. Elemental DMG: Elemental ATK is wrongly calculated twice; Elemental Resist effect wrongly calculated.
6. Runestone: Resist attributes provided by nodes have been adjusted.

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