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Update V3.08.0 | New Artifact Hero: Thea the Radiant

16:00 Oct 11,2017

Update Scope: All Servers

Version: V3.08.0

Update time:

2017/10/11 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)

2017/10/12 (All Other Servers)


The Angel Mysteries event will be online after this week’s patch for 4 days (10.12 ~10.15). Don’t miss it if you want to get rich rewards!

A special event item will drop from Palace Dungeon, the more items you get, the better your chances of getting the top rewards!

New Features and Gameplay:

1. New Artifact Hero: Thea the Radiant

2. Angel Mysterious

3. Echoes of Fate: open 2rd chapter

4. New gameplay: Angel Blocks

5. New Clothing: Autumn Winds set

6. New Mount: Mayura

7. New Pet: Raiju

8. New Function: Weekly Check-in


1. Minion: Raised Max Augment level to 22

2. Furnace: Raised Max level to 9

3. Furnace: Added Anima as furnace resource

4. Equipment Awaken: Raised Max level to 12

5. Duelist: X-server challenges were counted in weekly quest

6. Limited Giftpack: Added comment system

7. Divine Edge: Added Divine Edge page

8. Palace Dungeon: Removed Raider Ranking. Raid 20 relic shards can get the original NO.1 ranking reward.

Bug Fixes:

1. Rebirth: Fixed a bug where the fading diamonds were not deducted immediately after rebirthing items.

2. X-server Group Deal: Fixed a bug where the fading diamonds were not returned.

3. Trial of Valor: Fixed a bug where the soul arm ranking displayed.

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