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[Mini-Client Update V1.1.0] Live Stream Function Available

15:30 Nov 30,2017

New update V.1.1.0 is about to be released today. In this version, we are glad to introduce the new Live Stream Platform to the Gtarcade mini-client. That means you can watch live streams of various kinds while playing League of Angels II on our mini-client. Moreover, some bugs have been fixed. Let’s learn more details regarding this version below.
Update time: Nov. 30th
New Function: Entry for Live Stream Platform which will be available on the top-right corner of the game screen.
1. Reduced the volume of downloaded installation excutable from 6.25MB to 3.73MB.
2. Passed the detection of all antivirus software.
3. Improved game loading speed and framerate issues.
4. Fixed issues where the client may crash under heavy load.
5.Fixed the bug that some players meet update error when it loads to 5%.
6.Solved GeForce 10 Series graphics cards compatibility issues.
Hurry up to use the mini-client and experience the new function just added. Have fun in League of Angels II and enjoy the live streams on the mini-client.

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