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Update V3.16.0 |New Gameplay: Temple of Seal

16:01 Jan 30,2018

Update Scope: All Servers

Version: V3.16.0

Update time:

2018/01/29 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)

2018/02/01 (All Other Servers)

New Feature and Gameplay:

1.New Gameplay: Temple of Seal

2.New Feature: Seal Cultivation


1.Solved the problem that players still can see the chat in Eternal War chat room after blocking someone;

2.Adjusted the required VIP level for Flash Raid to VIP3 .

3.Optimized the system for hot events that when you forget to gain the rewards, you will receive a mail including what you should get.

4.Players can open the window for Legion now, even though it’s not Eternal War time.

Bug Fixes:

1.Fixed a bug that some players can’t donate in guild after updating.

2.Fixed a bug where can trigger skills in Isle of Doom when you chat with QWER buttons on keyboard.

3.Fixed a bug that player can’t choose to join the forces during Eternal War.

4.Fixed a bug that the effect of skill Hand in Hand on Moonlight Carriage can’t work as its description.

5.Fixed a bug that 3rd skill of Isha doesn’t have DMG as it’s described.

6.Fixed a bug that all of the challenging players in Friend window are from S0.

7.Fixed a bug that if there is a network stuttering when you enhance the mount armament, you can’t receive all the resources after the level of armament back to 0.

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