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Update V3.41.0 |New Function Event Calendar and Mount Ancient Tyrant & Winged Chariot

16:10 Jan 14,2019

Update Scope: All Servers

Version: V3.41.0

Update time:

2019/1/15 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)

2019/1/17 (All Other Servers)

New Features:

1.New Function: Event Calendar

2.New Mount: Ancient Tyrant

3.New Mount: Winged Chariot


1.Monster Invasion: Optimization the rewards tips, so more items can be seen in it.

Bug fixed:

1.Grand Cleric: Fixed a bug that Damage didn't count target's DEF or DR.

2.Grand Cleric: Fixed a bug that Damage in World Boss is 0.

3.Tournament of ChampionsFixed the data didn't reset bug.

4.Soul Avatar: Fixed a bug some SAs' name didn't show in battle log.

5.Conquest: Corrected the right inscribe crystal amount in Conquest Victory Chest III (lv.80).

6.Homestead: Fixed a bug some players can't enter the Wardrobe.

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