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Update V3.48.0 | New Outfit Velvet Duet & New Mount Darklight Snail

08:00 Apr 24,2019

Update Scope: All Servers

Version: V3.48.0

Update time:

2019/4/24 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)

2019/4/25 (All Other Servers)

New features:

1.New Outfit: Velvet Duet

2.New MountDarklight Snail

3.New Pet: Tuney

4.New Valorium Armament: Darklight set


1.Echoes of doom: Added 2nd dungeon to Chapter 4.

2.Calendar: Added new events for May.

3.Guild Mission: Added new quests to it.

4.Guild Mail: it will show the writer's IGN & server.

5.Mount: Advance Max lv.12 to 15.

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