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Update V3.51.0 | New Soul Avatar - Dragon Fang: Salvation&New Angel - Ostara

18:50 Jun 20,2019

Update Scope: All Servers 
Version: V3.51.0
Update time: 
2019/6/5 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)

2019/6/6 (All Other Servers)

New features:
1.New Angel:Ostara
2.New Soul Avatar:Dragon Fang: Salvation
3.New Furniture:Furniture of Children's Day

4.Tournament of Champions will start on June. 15th

1.Optimized Limited Giftpack.
2.Hero:Animate Max lv.9 to 12.
3.Anima's Path: Max chapter 18 to 24.
4.Eternal War: The BR of a legion considers on its activate players' (in 1 week) BR, including BR of the players who join the legion during battle days.
5.Eternal War: Killing ranking will only count the numbers of killed-players.

6.Little helper: Added EW legion donate and pay to Daily Tasks; and EW Shop to Merchant. 

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