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Update 5.19 - New Features: Animate System & Aptitude

19:28 May 18,2016

New Features

1. Animate System & Anima’s Path
More details -> http://bit.ly/1TmKtpe

2. Aptitude System & Aptitude Codex
More details -> http://bit.ly/1W20GE0

3. Added ”Equipment Collector” tab in Carnival Plus Panel to grant players legendary Equipment.

4. Added “Shop Helper” in Little Helper to help players buy items in all in-game shops automatically.


1. Increased max upgrade level of Mounts from R11 to R16. 

2. Added “Easy-Battle” function in Arena.

3. Added “Guild Tech” info in B.R. tips. 

Looking forward to seeing your feedback! Drop them here -> http://bit.ly/1Ny4IkE

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