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Update 7.20&7.21 | New Feature: Team Domination

11:15 Jul 20,2016

Update Scope: All Servers 
Version: V1.1.16.1
Update time: 2016/07/20 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)
                    2016/07/21 (All Other Servers)
Update Info
New Features:
1.Team Domination is here! The first season of Team Domination will run from July 23rd to July 29th. Players who reach lv. 45 are able to register to participate on July 23rd and 24th. 
2.Raised the level cap to 110.
3.The reset time of ALL Events/Shops/Systems changed from 5:00AM to 12:00AM (Midnight).
1.Added skill descriptions in Accessory panel. 
2.Added comparison of Hero Skins when checking other players’ squads. 



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