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Update 8.10&8.11 | Battle Pets and Battle Royale

14:41 Aug 11,2016

Update Scope: All Servers
Version: V1.2.0.0
Update time: 2016/08/10 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)
                   2016/08/11 (All Other Servers)
Update Info

Advance Notice:
1. Olympic special X-Server Domination will run from August 12th to August 16th. You will represent your country to win National glory!

New Features:
1. Battle Pets System: Players can deploy a Battle Pet to aid in battle. Each Battle Pet has their unique combat skill and cannot be attacked in battle. Full guide
2. Battle Royale: New PVP mode, fight against multiple opponents to earn Battle Pet-related resources. Full guide

1. Mythic Hero Shards Chests can now be opened in bulk.
2. When the game is not running smoothly, a prompt will pop up asking players to adjust graphic quality.

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed bug in Abyss Ranking (Sorted priorities: Stars > Floors > Time-taken).

2. Changed the reset time of Merchant Little Helper from 5:00AM to 12:00AM

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