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Beauty Contest Between Hero and Angel is Ready!

17:38 Jun 27,2017

    Many of our female heroes are unconvinced that only angels can join in the beauty contest. Therefore we heard their voice and invite some charming female heroes to join in this contest. A fierce compiticion is ready between angel and female hero! Will it be more difficult for you to choose? Vote for your favorite beauty and win awesome rewards!

Server: All server

Event Time: 2017-6-29 (00:00:00) - 2017-6-30 (23:59:59)

Result Released Time: 2017-07-01 (00:00:00) - 2017-07-01 (23:59:59)


♫The Most Favorite Beauty♫


*send roses to vote for your favorite angel and Angel will appreciate your roses and return you a gift which may be Mythic Battle Pet Shard Pack II,Primal Crystal, Soulstone, Lv.4 EXP Scroll, or others.
*Each vote gives 10 Credits, and you can redeem awesome rewards with it when your credits reach certain amount.

The Beauties:



How to get Roses
1. In-game Events

2. In Elite Dungeon

3. Purchase in Beauty Contest Panel



Credit Rewards

Players can redeem items with their Credits. 
Items Available
Luxury Mighty Hero Shard Pack, Mythic Battle Pet Shard Pack II, Grade Essence, Bloodstone, Soul, Sage Stone, Inscribe Crystal, Lotto Ticket, etc.


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