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Events Guide: Check What You Can Collect

14:55 Jun 28,2017

 Warriors, we have prepared lots interesting events in game. Collect more rewards and enjoy LOA2!

The Details of some events are as follows:



        Recharge Events

        Wheel of Fortune

        Lucky Tree

Check out the following Event Guide to know what you can get:

How to get  EXP Card:
*Open Chest in Abyss for certain times.
*Get certain amount of Arena Point.
*Clear Elite Dungeon for certain times.
*Get certain amount of Guild contribution.
*Challenge certain times in Hero Trial.

How to get Raid Card:
*Socket Certain amount of Runes.
*Add certain amount of friends.
*Fullfill the taskes in the event: All-Rounder.
*You can check the events for more details.

Topaz Rules

Event Time: D1 00:00:01 -  D7 23:59:59

Description: Spend certain Topaz certain to get the rewards.

Requirement Rewards
Spend Topaz*600 Ritual Token*5
Spend Topaz*1000 Thor'sHammer*1
Spend Topaz*1000 Fairy Mirror*1
Spend Topaz*360 MightyHero Shard Pack*1
Spend Topaz*360
Amazing Hero Shard Pack*1
Spend Topaz*300 Healer Shard Pack*1
Spend Topaz*300
Support Shard Pack*1
Spend Topaz*35
Bless Stone*10
Spend Topaz*35
Refine Stone*10
Spend Topaz*35

 VIP Privilege

Event Time: D8 00:00:01 -  D14 23:59:59

Description: During the Event, players can reach certain level of VIP to get chance to claim rewards here.

Requirement Rewards
VIP1+ Ritual Token*5,Stamina*300
VIP4+ Thor's Hammer*1,Fairy Mirror*1
VIP7+ Divine Shield*1,Wyrm Heart*1
VIP11+ Mythic Hero Pack II*1,Giant Eternal Chest*2
VIP1+ and Spend 600 Diamonds Ritual Token*5,Stamina*300,EXP Card*5
VIP4+ and Spend 800 Diamonds
Palace Energy Card*10,Raid Card*50,Enchantment Stone*100,EXP Card*5
VIP7+ and Spend 1200 Diamonds
Lv.6 Rune Pack*2,Engraving Stone*100,Relic Crystal*3,EXP Card*5
VIP11+ and Spend 600 Topaz
Small Mythic Hero Shard Pack*,Bless Stone*100, Anima*100,EXP Card*5

Magic Rune

Event Time: D10 05:00:01 -  D12 04:59:59

Description: Combine Runes for certain times to get rewards!

Requirement Rewards
Combine Runes 5 times R2 HP*2,Raid Card*5
Combine Runes 10 times R2 DEF*2,Raid Card*8
Combine Runes 15 times R3 Dodge*2,Raid Card*11, EXP Card*2
Combine Runes 20 times R4 ATK*1, Raid Card*13
Combine Runes 30 times R4 ATK*1, Raid Card*15,EXP Card*2


Login Bonus-D1-D7

Event Time: D1 00:00:01 -  D7 23:59:59

Description: Login everyday to get awesome rewards!

Requirement Rewards
Total Login: 1 day Stamina*120,Ritual Token*1
Total Login: 2 days Saber of Justice*1,Stamina*120,EXP Card*3
Total Login: 3 days Belt of Justice*1,Stamina*150,Raid Card*20,EXP Card*5
Total Login: 4 days Armor of Justice*1,Stamina*180,Raid Card*20,EXP Card*6
Total Login: 5 days Helm of Justice*1,Stamina*200,Raid Card*20,EXP Card*7
Total Login: 6 days Amazing Hero Pack*1,Stamina*250,Anima's Path challenge token*20,Raid Card*20,EXP Card*8
Total Login: 7 days Mythic Hero Pack*1,Stamina*300,Anima's Path challenge token*20,Raid Card*30,EXP Card*10

Login Bonus-D8-D14

Event Time: D8 00:00:01 -  D14 23:59:59

Description: Login everyday to get awesome rewards!

Requirement Rewards
Total Login: 1 day Stamina*300,Luxury Legendary Eqmt Shard Pack*2
Total Login: 2 days Refresh Token*20,Soul*600,EXP Card*2
Total Login: 3 days Gold*200,000,Anima's Path challenge token*10
Total Login: 4 days Energy Gem*100,Stamina*120
Total Login: 5 days Mastery Stone*100,Stamina*120
Total Login: 6 days Pet Awaken Crystal*1,Stamina*120
Total Login: 7 days Mini Eternal Chest*2,Stamina*300


Guild Power 

Event Time: D10 00:00:01 -  D12 23:59:59

Description: Raid guild Dungeon for certain times to get rewards!

Requirement Rewards
Raid in Guild Dungeon 5 times  Brave Seal*200, Stamina*60
Raid in Guild Dungeon 6 times Brave Seal*400, EXP Card*1
Raid in Guild Dungeon 7 times Brave Seal*600, Stamina*60
Raid in Guild Dungeon 8 times Brave Seal*800,EXP Card*2

Lead the Way

Event Time: D12 00:00:01 -  D14 23:59:59

Description: Clear stage of Normal Dungeon to get rewards!

Requirement Rewards
Clear Elite Dungeon Chapter. 8 Soul*200,Stamina*60
Clear Elite Dungeon Chapter. 9 Soul*400,Stamina*60
Clear Elite Dungeon Chapter.10 Ritual Token*2,Stamina*60
Clear Elite Dungeon Chapter. 11 Ritual Token*2,Stamina*60,Aptitude Codex*10
Clear Elite Dungeon Chapter. 12 Legendary Hero Chest*1,Stamina*60,Aptitude Codex*10

Abyssal Treasure

Event Time: D8 00:00:01 -  D10 23:59:59

Description: Open the chests in Abyss to get extra rewards here! More treasures for you!(Reset at 5:00am)

Requirement Rewards
Open Chest in Abyss 12 times Hellcoin*800,Refine Stone*30 Gold*10,000
Open Chest in Abyss 18 times Hellcoin*1,200,Refine Stone*40, Gold*15,000
Open Chest in Abyss 24 times Hellcoin*1,500,Refine Stone*50, EXP Card*2Gold*15,000
Open Chest in Abyss 30 times Hellcoin*2,200, Refine Stone*60,Gold*20,000
Open Chest in Abyss 36 times Hellcoin*3,000, Refine Stone*70,EXP Card*2,Gold*30,000


Arena Champion

Event Time: D8 00:00:01 -  D10 23:59:59

Description: Challenge in Arena and get points to reap rewards here!(Reset at 5:00am)

Requirement Rewards
Arena Point: 10 Arena Prestige*200, Bless Stone*30
Arena Point: 15 Arena Prestige*400, Bless Stone*50
Arena Point: 20 Arena Prestige*800, Bless Stone*60,Stamina*60,Exp Card*2
Arena Point: 25 Arena Prestige*1,500, Bless Stone*100,Stamina*60
Arena Point: 30 Arena Prestige*2,000, Bless Stone*120,Stamina*60,Exp Card*2
Arena Point: 40 Arena Prestige*2,500, Bless Stone*140,Stamina*120

You're Elite!

Event Time: D11 00:00:01 -  D13 23:59:59

Description: Challenge in Elite Dungeon for certain times to get rewards here!(Reset at 5:00 am)

Requirement Rewards
Clear Elite Dungeon 10 times Lv.4 EXP Scroll*2,Anima*20,Gold*50,000
Clear Elite Dungeon 20 times Lv.4 EXP Scroll*4,Anima*40,Gold*80,000,EXP Card*2
Clear Elite Dungeon 40 times Lv.4 EXP Scroll*6,Anima*60,Gold*100,000
Clear Elite Dungeon 60 times Lv.4 EXP Scroll*8,Anima*80,Gold*120,000,EXP Card*2
Clear Elite Dungeon 80 times Lv.4 EXP Scroll*10,Anima*100,Gold*150,000,EXP Card*4


 EXP Blast

Event Time: D8 00:00:01 -  D14 23:59:59

Description: Spend certain Diamonds to get EXP related items!

Requirement Rewards
Spend 120 Diamonds Stamina*90, EXP Card*2
Spend 90 Diamonds Raid Card*10, EXP Card*1


Hero Trial

Event Time: D8 00:00:01 - D10 23:59:59

Description: Challenge in Hero Trial to get rewards here! You deserve it!(Reset at 5:00am)

Requirement Rewards
Challenge in Hero Trial 10 times Soul*50,Mastery Stone*20
Challenge in Hero Trial 15 times Soul*100,Mastery Stone*20
Challenge in Hero Trial 20 times Soul*200,Mastery Stone*20,EXP Card*2
Challenge in Hero Trial 25 times Soul*300,Mastery Stone*20
Challenge in Hero Trial 30 times Soul*400,Mastery Stone*50,EXP Card*2


Amazing Runes

Event Time: D4 00:00:01 -  D7 23:59:59

Description: Socket Runes in your Relic to get rewards here! (More Runes you socket, High B.R you will get)

Requirement Rewards
Socket 10 Runes in total Rare Relic Essence*10,R2 ATK Rune*3,Gold*50,000,Raid Card*20
Socket 15 Runes in total Rare Relic Essence*20,R3 DEF Rune*3, Gold*80,000,Raid Card*20
Socket 20 Runes in total Rare Relic Essence*30,R3 HP Rune*3, Gold*100,000,Raid Card*20
Socket 30 Runes in total Rare Relic Essence*40,R3 Crit Rune*3, Gold*120,000,Raid Card*20
Socket 40 Runes in total Rare Relic Essence*50,R5 ATK Rune*1, Gold*150,000,Raid Card*20


Palace Adventure

Event Time: D12 00:00:01 -  D14 23:59:59

Description: Raid in Palace to get rewards here. (Reset at 5:00 am)

Requirement Rewards
Raid in Palace 20 times Slayer Seal*300,Rare Relic Essence*10, Stamina*60
Raid in Palace 35 times Slayer Seal*600,Rare Relic Essence*20,Stamina*60
Raid in Palace 50 times Slayer Seal*1000, Rare Relic Essence*30,Stamina*60
Raid in Palace 65 times Slayer Seal*1,500, Epic Relic Essence*40,Stamina*60
Raid in Palace 90 times Slayer Seal*2,000, Epic Relic Essence*50,Stamina*60


Hero Shopaholic

Event Time: D12 00:00:01 -  D14 23:59:59

Description: Refresh Hero shop to get rewards! (Reset at 5:00 am)

Requirement Rewards
Refresh Hero Shop 20 times today Refresh Token*5,Soul*100,Soulstone*20
Refresh Hero Shop 40 times today Refresh Token*10, Soul*200,Soulstone*30,EXP Card*2
Refresh Hero Shop 60 times today Refresh Token*20, Soul*300,Soulstone*40
Refresh Hero Shop 80 times today Refresh Token*30, Soul*400,Soulstone*50,EXP Card*2

Royal Treasure Surprise

Event Time: D12 00:00:01 -  D14 23:59:59

Description: During the event, open specific number of Chests in Battle Royal to earn corresponding rewards(reset at 12:00am)

Requirement Rewards
Open 3 Chests in Treasure Raid in a day Pet EXP Potion*5,EXP Card*2
Open 6 Chests in Treasure Raid in a day Pet EXP Potion*5,EXP Card*2
Open 12 Chests in Treasure Raid in a day Pet EXP Potion*10,EXP Card*2,Soulstone*10
Open 18 Chests in Treasure Raid in a day Pet EXP Potion*15,EXP Card*2,Soulstone*15
Open 24 Chests in Treasure Raid in a day

Pet EXP Potion*20,EXP Card*2,Soulstone*20

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