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Charm Rankings | Falling Feathers

16:16 May 20,2016

    Do you have someone you admire in the sacred land of Sapphire? Are you admired by your peers?

    During the Falling Feathers event, send your love and admiration to your fellow compatriots and earn great rewards. Let’s see who is the most admired warrior in the land!

    Event Time: 2016-5-20 (5:00AM) - 2016-5-23 (5:00AM)

♫Charm Rankings♫

    Players can gift and receive Feathers to earns Points and Charm.

▶How to use Feathers
    Gift: Giving 1 Feather to another player or yourself will earn you 1 point. Points can be used to buy various items in the Points Shop.
    Receive: Receiving 1 Feather from another player will earn you 1 Charm. The Top 5 players with the highest Charm will get special titles. The Top 1 player will earn the “Charm Star” title, and the Top 2-4 players will earn the “Charm” title. Titles will help greatly boost B.R.!

How to get Feathers
1. Elite Dungeon
2. Buy Feathers with Topaz in Charm Rankings Panel
3. In-game Events

Points Shop

    Players can redeem items with their Points. Purchase limits reset daily at 5:00 AM.

Items Available
1. Common resources: Bless Stones, Mastery Stones, Souls, Nugget, Legendary Eqmt Shards Chest, etc.
2. Aptitude Codex, a necessary resource for the new Aptitude System.
3. Rose Wings Chest (Chance to get on of the following items: Rose Wings Shard*2, Soul*100, Mastery Stone*10, Bless Stone*10)


Rose Wings

    Tired of wearing the same outfits? Put on the brand new Rose Wings and acquire a unique character skill!

Rose Wings Skill

    【Rose Storm】  Releases Rose Storm, deals (ATK*189%+60) damage to back row enemies. Each target hit regains you 52 rage.

Where to get Rose Wings Shards

1.Buy Rose Wings Shard with Topaz in in-game events.
2.Redeem Rose Wings Chest in Points Shop.
* Players need to collect 100 shards to synthesize Rose Wings.

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