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Beauty Contest of Angels Starts on June 5!

11:59 Jun 04,2016

    Under 2 years' development, League of Angels II successfully show the world that “The Angels have Transcended". Strength, kindness, wisdom, and beauty. Who is the most charming Angel in your eyes? Will she be adorable Flora, Wild Theresa, loving angel Athena or elegant Fortuna? Vote for your favorite and help her to win the Beauty Queen!

    Involved Server: S1 to S106, S109-S110, S113

   Event Time: 2016-6-5 (5:00AM) - 2016-6-7 (5:00AM)


♫The Most Favorite Angel♫

   You can send roses to vote for your most favorite angel. Angel will appreciate your roses and return you a gift chest, which may contain rescources (Apitude Codex, Bless Stone, Lvl. 6 Rune Pack, etc), or a Mythic Relic (Divine Sheild, Wyrm Heart). Each vote gives 10 Credits, and you can redeem great rewards with it when your credits reach certain amount.



How to get Roses
1. In-game Events

2. In Elite Dungeon

3. Purchase in Beauty Contest Panel



Credit Rewards

Players can redeem items with their Credits.
Items Available
1. Common resources: Gold, Soul, Bless Stone, R5 Runes, Refresh Token.

2. Aptitude Codex, a necessary resource for the new Aptitude System.
3. Angel's Gratitude Chest drops randomly among (Aptitude Codex, Bless stone, Lvl. 6 Rune Pack, etc), or a Mythic Relic (Divine Sheild, Wyrm Heart).


Divine Sheild & Wyrm Heart




Where to get Divine Sheild & Wyrm Heart

1. Redeem Divine Sheild & Wyrm Heart by opening Angel's Gratitude Chest.

2. Challenge Nightmare 3 and above in Palace Dougeon.

3. By synthing Pure Relic Shard, Resplendent Relic Shard, or Perfect Relic Shard.

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