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First X-Server Domination Starts Tomorrow!

15:43 Jun 02,2016

First X-Server Domination Starts Tomorrow! Warriors, are you ready? Hurry up to strengthen your squad and make sufficient preparation for this event. Now let's take a preview of the competition system and rules.


Time: June 3 to June 7

Requirement:  Level 55 and above

Entrance:  Click X-Server NPC and then choose X-Server Domination to enter

♪Zoning Rules♪

This time there will be 8 x-server zones, which are divided according to time zone, launching time of servers. Each zone runs independently.


♪Draft Stage♪

Time: June 3 to June 5, Daily 10:00-22:00

Draft Rules:

1. Players not lower than 55 can enter Draft

2. In Draft, players score by beating others in each floor. There are 5 floors in all. The top floor allows refreshing.

3. Chest can be unlocked after clearing the floor. There are 5 chests in all and any missed chests will be found in System Mail.

4. After Draft, players among Top 100 can enter Final.


♪Final Stage♪

Time: June 6 to June 7, Daily 10:00-22:00

Final Rules:

1. Players in Final can challenge others with higher rankings.

2. Players out of Final can cheer for Final players in their own server, only if they reach level 55.

3. After Final, players will receive their rewards in System Mail based on thier ranks. The top 3 can enter Hall of Champions.

4. The top 10 players can bring Extra Cheering Reward to players in their servers that have enough cheer scores.

♪Event Rewards♪

1. Players will get Totem and Score after each battle. Totem can be used to exchange items in Totem Shop, and Score decides players’ rank.

2. Domination Rewards: All players that enter Final stage will receive Eternal Equipment Shard, Totem, Anima and Gold. Top 3 will win the honor to enter Hall of Champion, and get exclusive title, many Totem and Eternal Equipment Shards. Other players can Eternal Equipment Shards.


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