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Angel’s Fund: More than 5X the Refund!

06:00 Jul 01,2016

The League of Angels Ⅱ is preparing for a blazing July with Angel's Fund! Participate in this Pre-Purchase Event and earn Return rewards every day for a full 5 days (up to 500%)! Get back more than what you spent! Plus amazing gifts like Mythic shards, Mythic Equipment shards, and much more await you!


Pre-Purchase Period: July 1st - July 2nd
Reward Period: July 3rd - July 7th
Participation: Only available on Servers that are older than 14 days.


Event Rules

1) During the Pre-Purchase period, when players Recharge a specific amount, they will be automatically qualified for Angel’s Fund Pre-Purchase rewards.

2) Players must spend a required amount of Regular Diamonds for Pre-Purchase, to earn the very valuable Refund reward.

3) Players can get a part of the rewards on each day of the Event. After the Event has ended, unclaimed rewards will be sent to players by in-game mail.

Event Details

Name: Silver Fund

Requirement: Recharge 800 diamonds

Price: 800 regular diamonds


Day 1 Diamond*200, Stamina*60
Day 2 Diamond*200, Stamina*60, Bless Stone*25
Day 3 Diamond*200, Stamina*60, Bless Stone*25, Anima*20
Day 4 Diamond*200, Stamina*60, Bless Stone*25, Anima*20, lv. 5 Rune Pack*1
Day 5 Diamond*200, Stamina*60, Bless Stone*25, Anima*20, lv. 5 Rune Pack*2


Name: Gold Fund

Requirement: Recharge 2000 diamonds

Price: 2000 regular diamonds


Day 1 Diamond*500, Enchantment Stone*30
Day 2 Diamond*500, Enchantment Stone*30, Refine Stone*50
Day 3 Diamond*500, Enchantment Stone*30, Refine Stone*50, Diamond*200
Day 4 Diamond*500, Enchantment Stone*30, Refine Stone*50, Diamond*200, Lv. 6 Rune Pack*1
Day 5 Diamond*500, Enchantment Stone*30, Refine Stone*50, Diamond*200, Lv. 6 Rune Pack*2

Name: Mythic Equipment Fund

Requirement: Recharge 4000 diamonds

Price: 4000 regular diamonds


Day 1 Diamond*1000, Mini Eternal Chest*1
Day 2 Diamond*1000, Mini Eternal Chest*1, Lv. 4 EXP Scroll*20
Day 3 Diamond*1000, Mini Eternal Chest*1, Lv. 4 EXP Scroll*20, Aptitude Codex*20
Day 4 Diamond*1000, Mini Eternal Chest*1, Lv. 4 EXP Scroll*20, Aptitude Codex*20, Small Eternal Chest*1
Day 5 Diamond*1000, Mini Eternal Chest*1, Lv. 4 EXP Scroll*20, Aptitude Codex*20, Lv.7 Rune Pack*1

Name: Mythic Hero Fund

Requirement: Recharge 12000 diamonds

Price: 12000 Topaz


Day 1 Diamond*4000, Mythic Hero Shard Pack*2
Day 2 Diamond*4000, Mythic Hero Shard Pack*2, Enchantment Stone*50
Day 3 Diamond*4000, Mythic Hero Shard Pack*2, Enchantment Stone*50, Lv.7 Rune Pack*1
Day 4 Diamond*4000, Mythic Hero Shard Pack*2, Enchantment Stone*50, Lv.7 Rune Pack*1, Anima*200
Day 5 Diamond*4000, Mythic Hero Shard Pack*2, Enchantment Stone*50, Lv.7 Rune Pack*1, Bless Stone*500

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