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Upcoming Events Notice: Dec. 17 - Dec. 21 | Be a Christmas Tycoon!

21:15 Dec 16,2016

The grand Christmas party is starting and the new Tycoon event will be the star next week! The new Christmas-themed Suit, Mount, and Battle Pet will all be available! Learn more about all the upcoming events below!

◆Event 1: The Great Race of Resources!


【Event Time】 Dec. 17 - Dec. 22


【Event Description】 The classic Tycoon event is coming to LoA2! During the event, players will earn points when acquiring various resources in the game. Earn enough points to get on the rankings and claim abundant rank rewards every day! Plus, the new mount Christmas Reindeer and R9 Duality Runes will be available! But the most exciting part is, the King of Tycoon will win a special item to unlock the 6th Battle Pet Grace slot!

◆Event 2: Treasure Seeker Helps you Get Resources!


【Event Time】 Dec. 17 - Dec. 18


【Main Output】 Relic and Soul Arm Resources

◆Event 3: More in Wheel of Fortune


【Event Time】 Dec. 17- Dec. 19


【Main Output】 Battle Pet and Armament Resources

◆Event 4: Buy-1-Get-1-Free Deal


【Event Time】 Dec. 19 - Dec. 20


【Main Output】 All kinds of Resources!

◆Event 5: Christmas Lucky Bar with Christmas Suit


【Event Time】 Dec. 21 - Dec. 24


【Event Description】 The popular event Lucky Bar is coming back with a new Christmas theme just for the holidays! Players can play to win multiple rewards as usual, including the Christmas-themed Suit!

◆Event 6: New Pet: Candy Prince, Augment with Only Bloodstones! 


【Event Time】 Dec. 21 - Dec. 27


【Event Description】The exclusive Christmas Battle Pet Candy Prince has ran all the way to Sapphire! He only needs Bloodstones to be augmented! However, if you want to catch this Prince of the Gingerbread men, you better be quick, because he’ll be gone after December!
Note: Events are available for servers older than 7 days. 

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