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Christmas Special: Golden Lion in Lucky Tree!

18:28 Dec 13,2016

The Golden Lion Mount will be available in the Lucky Tree event from Dec. 14 to Dec. 15! This is the first time that the Golden Lion has appeared in events! Grab this chance to take it to your Mount Grace squad!
The Golden Lion was only given to the best rookies. This Mount helping increase DMG dealt by squad will greatly help you in battles. 
Mount Skill: 
【Lion’s Roar】 (lv. 1) When battle starts, damage dealt by your squad is increased by 10%, lasts 2 turns.
Grace Skill: 
【Hunter Instinct】 (lv. 1) Increase DMG of the entire squad by 7% for 2 rounds.
More exciting events are waiting you to join in! Stay tuned for latest news!

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