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The Wonderful Anniversary Continues! Get Your Sakura Warrior Outfit

18:47 Apr 13,2017

League of Angels II’s Anniversary update introduces a new suit: Sakura Warrior Outfit, new mount: Sanbi Fox, and new: battle pet Kitsune. Additionally, the Anniversary Blessing, 1st Anniversary Review, and many other wonderful events will be held from Apr. 14th to Apr. 20th. Learn more about the new update and upcoming events!

Image 1: League of Angels II Wonderful Anniversary Continues

【New Suit Sakura Warrior Outfit】
Watching the cherry blossoms has become a favorite April pasttime, and while the event only lasts a short period, the memories continue on. The LoA2 anniversary is now bringing the cherry blossoms to Sapphire with a Mythic grade new suit, Sakura Warrior! May the elegant and beautiful Sakura leave you with fond memories of spring!

Image2: New Suit Sakura Warrior Outfit

Suit Skills:(Lvl. 1)
Falling Blossoms:Deal 183%+60 DMG to all enemies, deals more damage if there are less targets, and this skill has additional 30% Crit chance.
Sakura Illusion:Deal 233%+80 DMG to 2 random targets and steal 150 Rage.

【New Mount Sanbi Fox】

Sanbi Fox are guardian spirits of forest and usually live a secluded life deep in the forest. They are almost never seen outside the spirit realm. It is said that the Sanbi Fox are known for their loyalty. Once they are tamed, they will follow their masters to the ends of the world. Now they have finally emerged from their mystical forests to celebrate Sapphire’s anniversary. It’s great chance for warriors to obtain one. Sanbi Fox is mythic grade mount, and it can provide Crit and Hit buff for the entire squad.


Image2: New Mount Sanbi Fox

Mount Skills:(Lvl. 1)
Tail Whip: Increase entire squad's Crit and Hit by 10% for 3 rounds.
Fox Magic: Crit attacks ignore 4.2% of the target's DEF, increase Crit by 4.2% for the first 3 rounds of battle.

【New Battle Pet Kitsune】
Kitsune is a mystical white fox spirit that only appears at night to cause mischief under the moonlight. Don’t be fooled by its cute appearance! As a mythic grade Battle Pet, Kitsune’s skills cannot be underestimated. 

Image3: New Battle Pet Kitsune

Battle Pet Skills:(Lvl. 1)
Spirit Pounce: Deal 176%+60 DMG to all enemies and reduce their DEF by 4% for 1 round.
Fox Blessing:Heal 2 allies with the lowest HP for ATK*123%+40 HP and remove negative status effects.

【Join in Wonderful Anniversary Events】

League of Angels II’s anniversary celebration is getting even better! From Apr. 14th to Apr. 20th, Anniversary Blessing event and 1st Anniversary Review will be held and there will be many bonuses and rewards for all warriors. 

From Apr. 14th to Apr. 18th, Anniversary Blessing. New Suit Sakura Warrior Outfit will be available in this event. Players can gather Blessed Droplet and Angel's Olive Branch to exchange for Sakura Warrior Outfit and Lunar Lion. The Lunar Lion mount is the great bonus for all players and can be earned for free! If you want to get it, then don’t miss out this event!
From Apr. 17th to Apr. 19th, Wheel of Forutne. New mount Sanbi Fox will show up in this event. The clever but loyal mount is waiting for its master!
From Apr. 18th to Apr. 20th, 1st Anniversary Review. Reminisce about your time in LoA2 and win tons of gift packs! Click on the 1st Anniversary button to see your personal journey through the game! As you have become true warrior over the year, top data will also be exposed during the carnival. Players who have completed certain tasks will be able to claim a ton of gifts!
From Apr. 19th to Apr. 20th, Hot Events. Cute and powerful battle pet Kitsune will be available. If you want to have your own fox spirit, make sure you don’t miss this event!

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