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Awaken the Hidden Power of Your Equipment!

12:02 Apr 20,2017

We all know equipment is crucial for our heroes. That’s why League of Angels II’s new update is introducing two new features, Equipment Awakening and the Mana Furnace, to help players unlock the power hidden within their equipment! Learn more about them below.

Image 1: Equipment Awakening 

Equipment Awakening 

Click the Equipment button and you will see a new Awaken interface. There are four aspects of Equipment Awakening, namely Weapon Awaken, Armor Awaken, Helm Awaken, and Belt Awaken, which bring different attributes to all the equipment of its kind.

 Image 2: Equipment Awakening Interface

Activating all nodes will gain Equipment Awaken effect. To unlock a Equipment Awaken tier, warriors need to light up all the tier nodes, and each will add specific attribute bonuses to your total. Activating nodes will use Residual Crystals, which can be obtained from the new Mana Furnace. When all four types of equipment Awaken have reached the same specific tiers, a special Awaken Chain Skill can be activated. 

Turn Waste into Treasure in Furnace

The Mana Furnace is the main way to gain Residual Crystal, the material used to awaken equipment. You can smelt unneeded materials and it will output new material used for Equipment Awakening. Each smelt-able material has a Mana and Weight value. The higher the total Mana of all items placed in a single smelt attempt, the greater the quality and quantity of items produced. The total weight of all materials placed in a single attempt cannot exceed the weight limit of the Furnace.

Image 3: Furnace Interface

When smelting, every 1 weight added increases Furnace EXP by 1. The higher the Furnace level, the higher the output and weight limit! You can extract materials from the residue of the Furnace each day at 12:00 AM. The quality of these materials is based on the Furnace level. More detailed information can be found in the Output Guide and Furnace Guide in-game.

All information detailed about Equipment Awaken and Furnace here are subject to final in-game version. Now go and Awaken your equipment to unleash their full potential!

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