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Angel Capital S6 Prize Drawing & LoA2 Anniversary Developer Interview

18:00 Apr 21,2017

League of Angels II anniversary is a great milestone for all LoA2 staffs and warriors. During the anniversary celebration, we recalled wonderful memories and have achieved many new achievements. 


At this end of the celebration, to thank all your continuous support and companion, we made this special video themed in Angel Capital S6 Prize Drawing & LoA2 Anniversary Developer Interview. Hope we’ll share more simple joys with you in the upcoming days. We’re honored to have you here, all warriors! LoA2, fighting!

Since Angel Capital S6 is held during the anniversary celebration, we decide to add more lucky winners time time. It's 15 in total. Let’s see who the winners are!

1st Prize: Topazes x40000 and Diamonds x60000;
Winner: S54 WantstaScrew 

2st Prize: Topazes x20000 and Diamonds x60000;
Winners: S802 diablo; S569 Sparky; S907 Elsa

3st Prize: Topazes x10000 and Diamonds x40000;
Winners: S304 Kenna; S1121 Death1; S1274 Irida; S1344 lightraven; S86 Syth; S1288 LeConte

Special Prize: any one Suit (outfit+wings) or one Mount he or she wants;
Winners: S337 Whitney; S196 boobs; S13 Titmus; S1107 Viet

Host's Choice Prize: the winners can get any one Hero Skin or Pet Evo (2 or 3)

Winners: S1158 Ragnar; S501 Pinacolada; S1205 muddywater; S618 barth2078; S470 Xiang

Thank you all again for being with us for our anniversary! We hope all players enjoy League of Angels II! We look forward to seeing you in our next League of Angels II milestone! 

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