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Monkey King, the Havoc of Heaven Arrives!

17:26 Jun 13,2017

A new battle pet: Monkey King is coming to the League of Angels! Also known as the Havoc of Heaven, he is said to be born from a stone and acquired immense powers through Taoist practices. He possesses immense strength, knows 72 transformations and is extremely fast. Legend says this mischievous monkey king once nearly brought calamity to the entire world! What will this battle pet bring to the League of Angels II in the new version? Come and check him out!

Image 1 League of Angels II New Battle Pet Monkey King

Monkey King is a skilled fighter, capable of defeating the best warriors of heaven. His supernatural strength allows him to lift his 8000 kilograms Jingu staff with ease. His powerful Jingu Crush always strikes true and hard, monsters turn their tails as soon as they heard his name! The legendary battle pet provides more stats buff than any other pets of his kind, which makes him stand out. What makes him even more popular is that Monkey King needs only Bloodstone in Augment, thus it’s much easier to gain stat bonuses from him.

Image 2 League of Angels II New Battle Pet Monkey King

▶Pet Skills

Earth Splitter (Lv.1): Deal (130%+40) DMG to all enemies and lower their DEF by 30% for 2 rounds.

Image3: League of Angels II Battle Pet Monkey King Skill

Jingu Crush (Lv.1): Deal (163%+50) DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP percentage; this skill cannot miss and always crits.

Image4: League of Angels II Battle Pet Monkey King Skill

Are you brave enough to tame this naughty Monkey King? You’d better hurry up as he’ll only appear in in-game Events from June 15th to June 16th! Stay tuned for more contents coming to one of the most popular free to play MMORPG’s of 2016!

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