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Minion System Brings A New Gameplay Nether Realm!

18:06 Aug 02,2017

Nether Realm

A new gameplay Nether Realm is available as part of the Minion system. In this mode, players can obtain Minion cards and upgrade resources for their Minions.

How to access Nether Realm:

Open the Minion interface and click the “Go to Nether Realm” link to enter the event panel.

 On the left side of the interface, players can choose a chapter to challenge. To unlock each chapter, players need to obtain the corresponding Minion Cards. There are two initial chapters: Undead Rising and The Fallen. The right side shows the possible rewards players may get from that chapter, and under that is the introduction of each Boss. 

Note for Stage Select panel

- Each day you can enter the dungeons 2 times for free, as well as purchase up to 2 additional attempts.

- Attempts reset daily at 0:00 (server time).

- A dungeon run will end when your AP reaches 0 or click "Exit Dungeon".

- Once inside a dungeon, you can leave at any time and the dungeon progress will be saved until you re-enter.


How to Play:

Players will need AP and Fatigue when enter each chapter. How do they work? Let’s check them in details:

1. AP: Every time when you trigger Event Grids like open a Chest, kill a Monster, kill a Boss, or access a Question mark, 1 AP will be deducted. Each time you use AP, your current Fatigue will be cleared.

2. Fatigue: Each step on the grid will increase Fatigue by 1. When your Fatigue is full, your next action will deduct 1 AP.

3. Fatigue Skill: The Fatigue skill lets you reduce your current Fatigue by 2, but can only be used once per dungeon.


Event Grids

There are five Event Grids that players can trigger, which are Chests, Monsters, Swords, Question Marks (?), and Bosses.

Chest: Open to randomly receive Blue Jade and Purple Jade.


Monster: Defeat Monsters to get Monster shards; failure will result in lesser rewards. Players can spend Diamonds to skip Monster grids. Bribing monsters does not use AP or clear Fatigue.




3) Sword: Collect to increase AP by 2.



4) Question Mark: Randomly receive a reward or encounter a Boss battle. Defeat the Boss to get Boss shards; failure will only reward Gold.



5) Boss: There is a chance to trigger a Boss appearance each time you interact with an Event Grid (Bosses can only appear once per dungeon). Defeating the Boss will always reward Red Jade; failure will result in lesser rewards. After defeating a Boss, a panel called Lair of Abyss will appear, in which players can use the Loot option (to search for Boss shards, Red Jade, Purple Jade, and other items.



If players exit a battle before it has ended, it will count as a defeat.

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